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Welcome to my home page. This page has links to the various other pages in my site. My site contains both personal stuff and serious stuff, so if you're looking for anything at regarding my family or my software products, this is a good place to start.


I develop software for Macintosh, Linux, and sometimes Windows. Follow this link to get to my Software Products Home Page.

Linux Downloads

This is the spot where I would put links to my personal or family web pages. If you remember the very spartan page I used to have, you probably already know that all of those pages are pretty old, so I've removed them. My oldest son is becoming a web developer, so he might have some pages linked off of here soon.

You can email anyone in my family by sending to their first name Email to my sons, however, is limited to people I know, so email me first if you'd like to email one of them.  This filter is a killer sendmail milter on my Linux system that I wrote; it may show up on the software page someday.

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